In this new episode, we meet Roian Atwood, he is Senior Director of Global Sustainable Business at Lee .

« I think sustainability as an ethic, as a commitment to humanity, to our planet, as a very personal commitment to each other, to our familly, to our collegue, to make improvement for the future, so the world is a better place, and something we are proud of, that we do well, and I think that this ethic and that commitment, this is someting that inspires me everyday, it gets me out of bed, and something that I am exited to participate to.»

What you will learn in this episode :

  • Le parcours of Roian
  • What does sustainability means acording to Roian
  • When and why did Lee decided to move into that direction
  • What is the difference between a conventional and a sustainable jean
  • How did Roian managed to implement a global sustainable strategy at Lee
  • Why it is vital to move to sustainable fashion
  • What is the awarness of sustainability worldwide
  • Are all the product are sustainable at Lee, when it will me the case
  • The palet of tools Lee have to make sustainable jean
  • What has been the results, and the reaction of Lee customers
  • How to make choice between design and sustainability
  • What make him optimistic

« No one customer should be asking themself this question : do I buy a sustainable product, or do I put foot on the table? That is not ok. There is a real responsability just not to engage with the customer and told this meaningful stories , but to find ways to make it accessible to all. »

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