In this new episode, we meet with artist, designer, entrepreneur, activist Oskar Metsavaht, founder of the Brasilian brand Osklen.

I loved interviewing Oskar, I hope you'll enjoy listening to him as much as I did!

«We can use the natural ressources, but we have to keep it the same or better for the next generation.»

What you will learn in this episode :

  • Oskar's pathway
  • The genesis of Osklen
  • His conception of luxury and sustainability
  • What makes Osklen design and products different from the others
  • What does he says to people telling him he is doing greenwashing
  • How we can accelerate this sustainable movement
  • How can we make sustainability cool
  • Why the coolest influencers do not put the sustainability on the table
  • The importance to start even though this is not perfect
  • How does he stay optimistic
  • The importance of being activist

«We [the fashion industrie] can be great protagonists of the change we want to see on the planet.»

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